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The All Inclusive Spy Software for Parents

The Highster Mobile is one of the best cell phone monitoring software in the consumer market that safely monitors activities taken by children and employees through simply entering the mobile phones numbers of the targeted person. With the variety of feature that makes it unique, such as the call, GPS and text monitoring features, the application managers, the search alerts, the blocking system and the social media monitoring, the spy software has helped so many people including the  parents, employers and individual to safeguard their children, companies and cooperatives to find information about a particular issue. The spy software has been recommended due to its compatibility, functionality, tracking system, reporting capability pricing, the ever available customer service and the fact that it's an easy cell phone spy software. There is no doubt that every person needs the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software.

So many competitions have developed in the markets and some are even providing free services. However remember that cheap cell phone spy software is expensive and there is nothing good that comes for free. Although the competition has grown high, the Highster Mobile software has remained relevant and among the lead in the markets. Talk about the coming of the net nanny. It is good to note that with all the available features in the net nanny it is so obvious that the online monitoring process is sorted but what about the offline activities of the targeted person? The major question that raises concerns to all parents is whether the action that allows you to monitor online activities only is ever enough. Remember that in this digital works, your child will always explore and use their phone fully. Exploration is the norm of the day. Talk about the texts, the calls, what about the persons that you do not want to be in contact with your child for one reason or the other. That is why even with the coming of the net nanny the Highster Mobile still remains relevant in the market because it goes beyond the limited online activities.

Parents should therefore get something that will cut across both online and off line activities that will give them the best satisfaction. More advanced software such as the Highster Mobile cell phone spy software are more inclusive and may be more appropriate for parents that may need more than just online monitoring. The main feature that makes the Highster Mobile spy software be both efficient for both online and off line monitoring as mentioned above  includes the call recording that helps you monitor calls and conversation that your child makes. This works with the help of the microphone activator. The text message forwarding is also an additional feature. This feature enables you to receive the emails and text messages that your child receives on the phone. The ability to locate both present and deleted texts is also a feature that will enable you to get more.

With the all inclusive, worry free apps for cell phone spying, the parents will never worry of the actions that their children are taking even when they are away. With the Highster Mobile the parent is also sure that children would never know that they are spying on them thus no pretence will be made by the child but the child will act as usual thus giving the best results. The invisible mode is another feature that makes it difference from the others. That do not run invisibly therefore every parent would be very pleased to know every activity that goes on in the lives of their children and to avoid being ignorant and having the feeling that my baby is very safe and innocent.

Dangers of Losing Your Smartphone and How Cell Phone Spy Can Help

If you're someone who tends to forget where you left your phone, you should seriously consider installing a cell phone locator on your device. According to studies, once you lose your smartphone, there's a 50/50 chance that you will still get it back. However, chances are higher that the person who will find your lost phone will look into your apps and whatever private information is in your smartphone.

Clearly, there's a lot of risk that comes with losing a cell phone, especially when it comes to sensitive information. Thus, proper data/device management and security policies need to be in place.

The Honey Stick Project

In this case study by Symantec, 50 smartphones were left intentionally in various places, including, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, and Ottawa, Canada. The smartphones were placed in locations that were easy to find, like public restrooms and food courts.

None of the smartphones had any security features like passwords to restrict access. Instead, they were loaded with numerous apps and dummy files which contained fake information. Researchers also installed some cell phone spy software on each phone to keep track of what finders would do with the smartphones. Not only did such software track a cell phone, but it also send reports to the researchers.

What Are the Findings?

It was found that among 72 percent of those who found the devices attempted to access photos, and 57 percent went on to open a folder named 'Saved Password'. Also, 43 percent attempted to open a file named 'Online Banking'. 

According to experts, what the finders did can be considered as an unethical access attempt. Another alarming fact is that of all the people who found the devices, only half of them tried to contact the owner of the phone although their contact details were stored and prominently listed in the contact list of the phone.

How to Protect Your Personal Data in Your Smartphone

a. Make sure that your phone has a password, or the 'draw to unlock' pattern to block unauthorized access to it.

b. Utilize any security software specifically designed for mobile devices and smartphones. This software has the ability to wipe the phone's memory from remote locations, so you can erase all the information on your phone.

c. Install a cell phone locator on your smartphone. Certain programs like Highster Mobile phone spy come with cell phone locator features that allow owners to track the exact location of their devices. What's amazing about Highster Mobile also is that it allows you to monitor the activities on your phone, such as text messaging, web browsing, and social networking. It also has a stealth camera feature that activates the phone's camera and takes photos of its surroundings.

Is Your Teen Hiding Something from You in the Cyberworld?

Have you noticed your teen trying to avoid your questions about what they are doing online? Do you see them covering their phones the moment you enter their room? These are worrisome behaviors, for sure, but you have to understand that they are not uncommon among teens today. It should also make you realize that perhaps it's time that you used some kind of internet monitoring software or cell phone spy app just to have an idea how your teen is using his or her mobile phone.

According to a study by McAfee, more than 70 percent of teens know how to hide their online behavior from their parents. In addition, more than 56 percent of parents are just clueless that their children are trying to hide what they are doing online.

So how are teens these days able to hide their online activity?


Manipulating Their Phone's Internet Settings


A huge majority of teenagers go online for several hours a day. They are also smart enough to know that parents are very curious as to what they are doing in the cyberworld. What do they do? Well, all they need to do is manipulate the internet settings on their mobile devices, particularly their phones, so they could hide certain information. Here's how they do it:


a. They clear browser history. With just a click or two, your child can easily clear the web browsing history of their phones. This means that parents will not be able to see what websites they are visiting and what content they are trying to view or access. Once the data is gone, they are safe. 

b. They delete content. Teens know their mobile phones very well, so they know how to delete any information there that they don't want their parents to see. Such information includes photos, videos, social media posts, text messages, and even call history. The good thing about iPhone monitoring software like Highster Mobile is that it allows you to see such information by updating you on a regular basis. Thus, you can view such content even before your child deletes it.

c. They tweak their device's privacy settings. Most teens are knowledgeable and very confident about managing the privacy settings on their mobile devices as well as their social media accounts. This is good if they are doing it to be safe from strangers on the internet, but it becomes a problem if your child does it to block you.

You have to be proactive and innovative if you want to ensure your child's safety in the internet. Fortunately, with the help of software programs and tools like Highster Mobile, you can use spy camera for iPhone, and other monitoring features that will let you know about all the internet activity of your teens.

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Tips and Tricks to Remember When You Spy on a Cell Phone

Spying on a person's cell phone can be a tricky thing, since usually you're looking to stay pretty 'under the radar' when doing so. Whether its to not tip off employees that they're being watched or to allow  your child to have their freedom, you don't want to ruin a good relationship by being caught spying on them. In this article I have assembled tips and tricks for spying on someone's cell phone.

These tips from include: 

  1. Always know what you're using the software for.
  2. Make sure to always be within legal parameters.
  3. Make sure all intallation isn't seen. 
  4. Back up your data.
  5. What are you going to do if the target phone is lost or stolen?
  6. Store login information not in plain sight.
  7. Use proactive measures where you can.
  8. Export information for custom reporting.
  9. Look to use the best cell phone monitoring software you can find.
  10. Adopt a "help" excuse when possible.

All 10 tips are great ways to help ensure that you are not caught spying on a phone. The biggest help when spying on someone is to have a good, reliable cell phone spy software, such as Highster Mobile. This software is completely legal and secure. You only need the target phone for about 2 to 3 minutes to install the software and then you can monitor that phone without a trace. Highster Mobile can monitor all texts, calls, emails, social media and so much more. 

One of the biggest pluses to this software is the secure control panel. This is where all of the information that gets extracted and presents itself exactly as it appears on the phone, even if the information has been deleted. You have an exact copy of everything from the phone, which means this software can also be used as a safeguard for important company information. This control panel allows you to see EVERYTHING! 

A positive spin to this software as well is the GPS location capabilities. The GPS location feature is able to track the exact locatio of the phone in real time. So let's say your son or daughter loses their very expensive iPhone and don't know where they left it. You can use the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software to find exactly where it is and retrieve it.

Cell phone monitoring can be extremely helpful to parents, employers and anyone trying to monitor someone's cell phone activity. Visit for more infomration on Highster Mobile's top-of-the-line features and compatibility. 

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As parents, the most important thing to do when it comes to the internet is make sure your children know the dangers that come with it. Online predators are doubling and tripling as the internet expands. Would you want your child to be a target of these online predators or bullies? A child’s life isn’t worth the risk when there’s ways you can protect and monitor your child. One thing we need to understand is that some kids want to experience things for themselves, but in this dangerous world it’s best for us as parents to pay a little more attention to our children. A Dr. Phil article states that ‘Internet offenders target teens, not young children—rarely use force, abduction or deception”. But don’t be fooled. Whether it’s your teen or child, you should take the same appropriate measures to make sure your child doesn’t fall into the category of an internet victim.

Here are some tips to protect your child:

As a parent you should familiarize yourself with the internet:  practice navigating through the internet if you’re unsure how to use it. It’ll only make it easier to monitor your child.

Always make sure you communicate with your child: Explain to them that there is a lot of danger out there. Let them know you’re there for them, not against them. Gain your child’s trust so they can come to you whenever they feel something is wrong. Explain to them what certain predators may say to lure them in.

-Place the computer or tablet in a place where you can see: If your child doesn’t have a phone but is constantly on the computer or tablet, then place the computer or tablet somewhere you can see. If your child does have a phone then you can always have your child leave their phone with you overnight while he is asleep. Just an option that’ll help you go the extra mile to ensure your child is safe!

-Install spyware onto their phone (not to hurt them but to protect them): Highster Mobile is by far the best spyware that’ll allow you to monitor your kids anywhere you have internet access. You’ll be able to see texts, photos, videos, chat messages, stealth camera and more. Best part is that it’s equipped with GPS tracking so you’ll know where your child is at all times.

Monitor your child’s social media accounts: Make sure your child does not post anything on the internet such as naked photos or questionable videos, or anything that could possibly be used against them in the future.  

Don’t forget to advise your children to never make an attempt to meet someone in person that they randomly met on the internet, no matter how friendly that person seems. Not all tips apply to all parents, but Highster Mobile is a great product to monitor your child’s cellular activity, no matter which subjects matter to you. This software gives you the ability to see virtually anything on a target phone. Highster Mobile combines the above steps in a simple three-part process of download, install and monitor.


How to Deal with Your Teenage Child’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets are two of the modern-day gadgets that have completely turned the world of parenting on its head. Things have been complicated even further with the advent of mobile applications. When we take a look at a teenager’s mobile phone these days, we see hundreds of mobile applications installed. With its increasing popularity, several mobile applications are released every day. Seems like there is a mobile application for anything that we can think of doing, and, unfortunately, it is not possible to have the slightest clue about their capabilities by looking at their names.  

There are many mobile apps that encourage positive behavioral traits amongst the users. However, some of the mobile apps are used extensively for inappropriate purposes such as cyberbullying and sexting. Therefore, parents must ensure that none of these apps are installed in their child’s mobile phone.

Kik internet messenger has probably received the maximum amount of negative publicity amongst all mobile apps. As we all know, children prefer texting because it doesn’t cost them any extra money. Private messages sent through Kik often contain languages that are provocative and not appropriate for the kids.

As their names suggest, Dirty Talking Lite and Sex Texts Lite are two mobile apps that are used extensively for sexting. While using these apps, users can browse through different ideas of things that can be said to others. While these ideas can be funny for the mature users, it is never acceptable for the younger app users to entertain these thoughts.

Snapchat is another app that may have seriously adverse impact on growing children. This platform allows users to send temporary messages that are self-destroyed after they have been viewed. Since the images sent through this app are seen for a limited period, users are greatly encouraged to send inappropriate content in different forms. 

Online dating app Tinder is extremely dangerous because any teenager can pretend to be an adult to sign-up here. With this app, users can rate the pictures of other users as good as bad. The nature of this app makes it extremely susceptible to cyberbullying.

Looking at the severity of the potential danger, the only way to deal with this problem is to restrict your child from using any of these apps. In order to do that, your first step should be to start monitoring your child’s mobile phone to find out the list of mobile apps he/she is using. This can be done easily using a good quality cell phone spy tracking software program. Using a cell phone spy called can be extremely useful because this program does not require any software to be installed in the target phone. Therefore, you can continue tracking the phone without letting anyone know about it. In case you discover that your child is using any of these dreaded apps, now you can be proactive and completely remove these apps from the phone or block access to these applications.  

Safety First

What are some of the iconic safety messages? Look both ways before crossing. Caution signs. Stop, drop and roll is simple to process – these rhyming instructions can help anyone escape potential and permanent injury or death by fire. Its easy word structure is designed for kids to remember. Don’t run with scissors. Wait an hour after eating before swimming. Don’t talk to strangers.

We are inundated with safety messages and caution on a daily basis with a variety of sayings and signs. What does this say about us as a society? That we’re careless? That we run headfirst into danger? And if these precautionary tales were intended for adults, how much hesitation is needed for children? By nature, kids are fearless and throw themselves into precarious situations without even knowing it, or caring. It’s a parental imperative to protect kids from harmful instances. But what else can we do to protect our family, besides asking kids to remember a random statement that rhymes?

Highster Mobile is a mobile software application that can be added to your teenager or tween’s phone and installation only takes minutes. Cell phone monitoring is not only legal for the authorized user, it can be a welcome modern aid to any concerned parent or guardian who want to track mobile phone behavior. Why would you want to track mobile phone behavior? Sometimes teenager’s don’t make the rational or safe decision; in fact, they’re most likely not to.

Here’s how it works: the simple three-part process is simply download, install and monitor. Your child’s phone is considered the target phone. Once the application is placed on the target phone, the user can view a whole range activity on their unique user panel: text messages, call logs, email correspondence, GPS location, social media posts, and more. Highster Mobile makes it easy to spy on a cell phone without having access to it, except for that initial installation, which only takes a short time. It’s yet another roadway to safety, like the red flashing warning lights or orange safety cones in the road. It’s there to guide you home through the stormy times.

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Tips Parents Can Use to Keep Their Teens Safe When Driving

If you are a parent of a teenager who is so excited to learn how to drive, you must have a lot of apprehension about him or her getting behind the wheel. But since it is a necessity also that your child learns to drive, all you can do is give them tips and constant reminders on how to be a good and safe driver. In this situation, you will also find it very helpful to use a monitoring program to spy on cell phone.

According to studies, teens that are required by their parents to follow certain sets of rules regarding driving are less likely to get involved in a crash. But what rules are going to be enough to make sure your teen is safe while he or she is enjoying driving? Here are some tips for parents when it comes to guiding their teens’ driving.

1. The rules and boundaries you set should be very clear to your teen.

It is not always good for parents to demand their teens to do as they say. As you set the boundaries and rules that your teen should follow when driving, it is important that you make sure your child understands what your expectations are.

2. Explain that it’s not about you controlling them, but it’s about keeping them safe.

Teens these days don’t like the feeling of being controlled by their parents. They want to feel they are in control of their lives. Thus, you must explain to them carefully that you are setting these rules to keep them safe all the time.

3. Be a good listener.

If they have concerns and even objections to your set rules, be sure to listen to them so you would know how they feel about the whole thing. If there is a need for you to modify some parts of the rules, then you have to be open-minded about it.

4. Lead by example.

There is no use telling your kids to follow rules if you don’t know how to drive properly. Show them that you abide by the rules of the road.

5. Keep your communication lines open.

When your child needs to go somewhere, ask him or her where they are going and how or when they will be home. Knowing the details of your teen’s trip will prevent you from worrying too much.

Using reliable mobile phone tracker software is also a good alternative if you want to ensure the safety of your child. Highster Mobile spy allows you to see the exact location of your child’s phone through its GPS locator. This way, you will know if your child has reached their destination safely.



Cell Phone Tapping Software and Other Ways to Protect Your Kids from Kidnapping

As parents it’s not always easy to simply leave your kids anywhere. Even if they are in school, you cannot imagine the different ways that these kidnappers can weave their way to fool your kids’ hearts.  I’m not saying my kids or your kids are not smart, but we are talking about preying adults who are experts on kidnapping kids by different ways and methods that we could ever imagine. What we can do now on our part is be vigilant.

Here are 4 ways to help protect your kids from danger:

1.  Cell phone Tapping SoftwareOne way to keep track with the different people that your kids are talking, messaging, e-mailing and texting.  By using this Spy and Tracking Software, you can remotely monitor the different activities of your kid’s cellphone.  What’s so great about this is that your kids would not be aware of this and that the said software includes a GPS logging device for you to know where they are.  

2.  Buddy System – To teach pro activeness and awareness to your kids, always keep a close communication with them and truly show that you are his/her confidante and forever ally.  Teach your kids about buddy system wherein you teach your kid to watch out for you as you do with him/her. Tell your child that once she cannot see you tell him/her to call out.  

3. The More the Merrier – Those parents who have kids old enough to go to the park with friends to places like malls, parks and playground it would be best to tell them to be with a lot of friends.  Most of the time kidnappers would take kids who are playing alone.  They don’t usually target those kids when they are with three to four buddies, especially if they are in places when there are lots of people.

4. The Classic “Never Talk to Strangers” line – We all know that kids could be very amiable as this is one of the most endearing characteristic of children.  However, this can be a huge problem if they don’t know how to differentiate a smooth-talking stranger from “safe strangers” like policemen, store clerks, security guards etc. Help them be aware that no matter who they talk to, as long as they don’t know that person, they should learn to run away in an instant and go to a trusted adult that they know. Inculcate in them vigilance that there is danger when talking and receiving gifts from strangers.  It may not be as poisonous as the apple that Snow White took but receiving anything from strangers can be equally deadly.

Summary: The first part talks about the fears that parents have when it comes to the safety of their kids. The writer then particularly points out the threat of kidnapping kids. The article also tells of the different ways they can protect their kids from using technology like the Cell phone Tapping Software to the classic “Never talk to Strangers” bit.

Profile: The author is a Corporate Lawyer of an oil company.  She is a mother to two adorable kids and wife to Michael. She is often traveling from one state to another to do transactions but when not busy with work she is self-proclaimed busy homemaker spending quality time with her kids. 


Different Ways Phone Tracker Software Can Help Stop Bullying

Bullying in school has become a huge problem in the society today. As a result, many of our young people develop fear of going to school and having to deal with their bullies. What’s worse about it is that bullied kids feel they are alone in this battle, but simply because teachers, parents and other adults are not aware of it. Fortunately, modern technology now has the power to help parents protect their children from bullying through the use of tracker software.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying takes place when an individual is picked on repeatedly by another person or even a group who seems to have more power of authority on the former. So why does this happen? Why would one person want to bully another person?

There are two primary reasons why people end up getting bullied. First of all, bullies love picking on those people who they think don’t fit in, perhaps in terms of their physical appearance, their behavior, their religion, race, and even their sexual preference. The other reason for bullying is the difference in social status among people. Kids, for instance, who come from wealthy families tend to think they have power or authority over those kids who don’t have the same social status as them.

How Does Bullying Happen?

There are several ways bullies attack their targets. Many do it physically, which could involve punching, hitting, tripping or shoving another person. Sadly, some would even assault their victims sexually. In many other cases, bullying happens in the form of verbal insults or psychological abuse. For instance, people who belong in a particular group may end up gossiping other people who do not belong to them. Teasing another person is also a form of bullying.

Finally, there is cyberbullying. This is when a bully sends mean messages, texts or anything insulting or offensive about a person through social media. This is a common type of bullying these days because of the popularity of social media.

How to Monitor Your Child

As mentioned earlier, access to social media could lead a child to get involved in bullying – whether he is the attacker or the victim. If you want to protect your child against bullies, one way you can do this is by monitoring his or her cell phone.

While you may not be convinced that to spy on cell phone is the solution to this problem, you have to consider its great benefits. By spying on their phone with Highster Mobile, you will know who your child is exchanging texts and calls with. You can also have access to your child’s social media accounts. Getting these pieces of information will be a great help as you try to keep him or her away from bullies.